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Piercing Aftercare


Basic Aftercare

Your new piercing is like any wound and should be left alone as much as possible.

Wash your hands before touching your new piercing and rinse it once daily in a cool shower or rinse once daily with sterile saline wound wash.

Saline is used for flushing your piercing clean. Your piercing will not heal quicker if you over use any products. 

Over using can cause it's own problem. Absolutely NO TWISTING, TURNING OR ROTATING YOUR NEW PIERCING during healing. Avoid over moisturizing your new piercing in the shower and avoid sleeping on it whenever possible.

Avoid submerging your new piercings in any larger body of water (except showering, please shower) for 2-3 months.


Downsizing helps reduce the risk of catching or snagging, angling and reduces the extra room that gunk, a.k.a. crusties build up on.

Not removing build up on your jewelry can result in irritations and funky smells.

Downsizing will help prevent the piercing from shifting and angling from things like being slept on. Or headbands and helmets pushing down against the piercing for long periods of time.

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Oral Piercing Aftercare

The hardest part of oral piercings is they can be messed with without using your hands.
Proper and timely downsizing will help reduce this risk of damaging teeth and gums.
Playing with your fresh lip or tongue piercings can cause it to become inflamed, irritated or even torn.
So plan on eating carefully, soft foods or small bites will be your friend.
Anything acidic or spicy may sting while your piercing is healing.
We suggest rinsing with some clean water after meals until you can no longer taste food for the first 3-4 weeks.
Using alcohol free mouthwash in the morning and evening will help ensure things are rinsed thoroughly.
Be sure to dilute the mouthwash 50/50 with clean water.
After the first week brushing any jewelry resting inside of your mouth will help reduce plaque from building up on the jewelry as well as your teeth.
Like other piercings the jewelry in oral piercings needs to be downsized as well.
Usually 2-3 weeks into healing.


Genital PIercing Aftercare

Genital piercings pretty much follow the same as mentioned above.
Conveniently our genitals are covered 90% of the time.
So it's thankfully harder to mess with them and they usually heal pretty quickly for this reason.
It is suggested to maintain clean hygiene during healing to help ensure a speedy recovery.
Like any piercing, problems can arise from if aftercare instructions are not followed properly or becoming "too rough" too soon.
Always wash your hands before touching your piercing.
NO oral contact with your new piercing without appropriate barriers for 6-8 weeks.
The use of gloves for touching, condoms for intercourse or appropriate barriers for oral sex are highly recommend.

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