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What You Need to Know before coming into the studio

Can I get a tattoo while pregnant or nursing?
The short answer is no. While we would love to work with you it's safest to wait until you're either no longer pregnant or nursing.

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget. How do you determine pricing?

Tattoos are a lot like grocery shopping. Some want the most expensive and some price shop. We have a $100 shop minimum and average $150 an hour. The amount of time your tattoo takes to complete is how it is priced. If you can't afford exactly what you want, save up for it. It will be with you forever so you want to make sure you're going to love it!

Do you need an appointment?

Yes you do. We schedule all tattoos and piercings services to ensure we can take care of you properly without leaving you feeling like you were rushed into making a decision.

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

We do sell aftercare products for tattoos and body piercings.

How much is a new piercing?

Pricing is entirely based on the jewelry chosen from our ever growing selection. Your specific anatomy plays a big roll in a safely picking out jewelry as well. Since all of our bodies are different some styles or designs may not work with your anatomy. We have the safest options from niobium rings, implant grade titanium studs and rings as well as solid 14k and 18k (nickel free) gold rings and studs.

Do you pierce infants?

No. We feel your child's consent is top priority. Because of that we will not pierce anyone that cannot consent to it and ask for them. As well as understanding basic aftercare. The studio has a minimum of 5 years old and up for ear piercing. But still requires a consultation for any child 5-8 years old.

May I bring my own jewelry?

No. It is impossible for us to know that jewelry has only been worn by you. Sharing body jewelry is unsafe and unsanitary. It cannot be cleaned thoroughly enough to be completely sterilized (by autoclave or other methods), so potentially infectious material will still be present on the surface of the jewelry.

Jewelry quality must also meet our specifications.

Can I swim with my new piercing or tattoo?

Tattoos typically heal quicker. So once healed water won't hurt your tattoo, but the sun will. Avoid direct sunlight and wear proper protection whenever possible. 

For body piercings is it recommended to avoid submerging all new piercing in any large body of water. Lakes, rivers, pools, and hot tubs can all harbor bacteria and chemicals that will likely cause distress/irritation to your new piercing. We suggest around 2-3 months.

Why do I have little bumps forming around my piercing?

We like to refer to these as irritation bumps. They can be caused by many irritants. The best way to get rid of these irritation bumps is to 1st find out which irritant(s) has caused the bumps to appear and rid yourself of the irritant.
They can be caused by:
*Touching the healing piercing often
*Snagging/bumping the piercing
*Wearing low quality jewelry or ill-fitted jewelry

*Going to bed with wet hair
*Sleeping on the piercing
*Pressing a phone to the piercing
*Twisting/rotating the jewelry
*Hair products or other harsh chemicals on/near the piercing
*A simple misunderstanding in our gentle aftercare recommendations.

You may need to be fitted with a different length of jewelry until the bumps go away, depending on the severity of the bumps.
It’s always best to stop in for checkups so we can brainstorm together to find out whats going on and address the situation accordingly.

What Identification do we need if I'm under 18 years of age?

That is a great question and a very important one. For any minor (person under 18 years of age) piercing or tattoo. We must have 3 proofs of identification total. 
1: Your parents valid ID.
2: The minors birth certificate.
3: A valid passport, school or state ID for the minor.

Can I bring a friend?

You may bring one friend. Our rooms are not large enough to accommodate multiple friends. So plan for one extra person if needed. 

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